April, May 2017

U Own gallery is pleased to present Anton Horvatović’s first solo exhibition in Brussels.
« The Garden and the Room Above », is the collective title for a group of recent paintings made in the city between 2016 – 2017

Horvatović’s paintings are physical, involved, and constructed with recurring motifs and themes that move between his personal experience and the more universally symbolic – yet these works are not the product of any coolly executed plan – the success of the paintings lies entirely in their resolution through the act of painting.

Fascinated by the Baroque master of chiaroscuro, Rembrandt, the paintings of a Horvatović are nocturnal – internal in every sense. Familiar identities are discovered, suggested – a youth, a cowboy – then sublimated into idiosyncratic narratives that remain open to interpretation – open largely through the raw intentionally ‘unfinished’ handling of paint that allows the imagery to ‘move’.

« The Garden and the Room Above » is Horvatović’s highly personal journey in painting. Our engagement is broad – formally enthused through his application of paint, and sustained subjectively by the presence of an individual’s compelling pictorial concerns.


Anton Horvatović is born in Rijeka (Croatia) in 1976. He currently lives and works in Brussels (Belgium).
He graduated from the Accademie di Belle Arti di Urbino , Italy, in 2000.
Since 2000, he has exhibited in several solo shows in Croatia, and in numerous group shows in Europe.



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