David C. est un artiste Belge né le 20 aout 1968 à Bruxelles.

“Drawing inspiration from a varied visual vocabulary, David C.’ s latest
series of works entitled Pop Kitsch promotes a fresh reconsideration of
the established status and meanings of popular cultural material. Elements
from famous artworks in the history of art unite lively with “classical”
cinematic heroes, cartoon characters and beloved children’s toys in an
absurd, arbitrary co-existence that creates free associations and reveals
their underlying complex affiliations and contradictions.

Humour is employed to form a critical comment upon the everyday, the
familiar and all that has been “legitimized” by the passage of time,
collective memory and societal recognition. Equally, the notion of
kitsch, traditionally seen as the ultimate opposite of avant-garde
aesthetics, proves to be also a means of exposing the hidden truths
about the transformation of the banal into art and vice versa, a
modernist attitude that has developed in order to, among other reasons,
serve the art market’s persistent demands for “novelty”.

At the same time, his works retain the essence of what characterises Pop
Art, then and now: a sense of optimism, the playful appropriation of
mass-produced objects, the mingling of “high” and “low” art, the
directness of the representation. By using selected elements in each
work and flatly applied colours, he lets the viewer focus his attention
on the different aspects of their interaction and be surprised by the
possible stories that develop via their juxtapositions.”

Vassiliki Vayenou

art historian


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