My paintings and drawings suggest a quite particular look on the world about us. My inspiration comes from the daily life, which I divert cheerfully in order to better escape from it.
I come from a generation which had the street as playground. With the advantages and the inconvenients, certainly, but this times remain to me a source of inspiration, popular and sincere at the same time.
Ideas for future paintings rise day and night from my books of sketches. By the way, it is not rare to meet me with a notebook in the hand. It’s like a laboratory that gives birth to ideas for my future creations which will take shape on a painting or not.
Most of the time, my paintings are tinted with bright colors and subtle humor with as cornerstone a message, a certain sensitivity and sometimes a link to childhood.
I also like to give sense to what I paint, and above all I paint what I like. This approach may seem selfish but it gives me a total freedom in my art. I want to shirk at any price this idea of « decoration painting ».
My favorite technique is acrylic but I sometimes work with spray and more traditionally with oil. In some way, the technique is not important as long as the final result is consistent.


Some artworks from the artist !